MINI Cooper

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Thousands of MINI Coopers rallying across the country is not your average road trip. Yet there's something about the camaraderie of MINI after MINI carving the same corner that compels them. It's the freedom of the open road. 

MINI Cooper - You-ification

A MINI is unique and so are those who Motor in them.  Whether it's flames, racing stripes, shark teeth, gold paint or checkers, each and every MINI you see has a personality just as rare as it's owner.

MINI Cooper - Dogs Love To Motor

MINI Cooper owners love their pets. This video shows all the great animals that came along for the ride on MTTS 2014.

MINI Cooper - MINI Takes The Track

Out on MINI Takes The States 2014, we stopped at the Gateway Motor Speedway to see what the MINI's could do on the track.

MINI Cooper - MINI Goes On Safari

Next stop on MINI Takes The States is a safari with some awesome surprises.

MINI Cooper - Anticipation

From the very beginning of MINI Takes The States, the anticipation was palpable.