40-second trailer spot for "R.U.R.: Genesis"


TAGLINE: Paradise has it's price.

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LOGLINE: A fun, sexy, 60s-style science fiction thriller with a sharp, heady twist.    Set in an alternative, retro-futuristic world, R.U.R. is a character drama with serious sociopolitical undertones, exploring themes like biotechnology ethics and human rights. Think "smart Barbarella." Based on the literary classic by Karel Capek.

R.U.R.: GENESIS - POC Short Film

R.U.R.: Genesis is a proof of concept short film designed to showcase our ability to hit the Barbarella style without it coming off cheesy or fake. We worked extremely hard to match the style and feel of movies from the era, and hope that this serves as an example of what we can do with the feature script, given the chance.

Take a look below and see for yourself.

Set in an alt-history 1969, Kerwin masterfully combines Čapek’s surprisingly accurate predictions of future advances in biotechnology with the groovy go-go girl ’60s we know and love.
— Kayla Iacovino - Geek Exchange